Our Team recognizes that each project requires its own feasibility study which we can provide. If a study has already begun, we can work with the client and design team to gain a clear picture of the project’s feasibility and constructability, affording another layer of project verification.


Pre-construction planning sets the stage for the life of the project. Taking a project from a vision or concept to the finished product requires exceptional planning, coordination and project control. We are focused on meeting clients’ requirements to produce a functionally and financially viable project.


Our Team provides innovative management of logistics encompassing safety, cost control and schedules to ensure successful project delivery.


Accurately documenting costs and project development is essential in providing clients the information necessary to maintain a building on all levels pertaining to functionality, operating costs and historical data for future modifications.

Post Construction

The relationships that are built throughout a project’s delivery are most important to Vantage Construction. We take pride in our craft and in creating an environment of trust based on our commitment to stand behind our work.