About Us

Building to Make Lives Better
During a meeting to define the Mission of Vantage Construction Services the ultimate question was asked “why does Vantage exist?” To which, after some thought, Phil Morris replied, “to make lives better”. As this statement was discussed it was apparent that that’s exactly why Vantage was formed. To create functional, enduring, aesthetically pleasing buildings while improving the lives of our clients, our subcontractors and vendors and the Vantage Construction Services team and their families.
To realize a mission of that magnitude there must be a set of shared Values as a foundation on which to build. After years of work, building a team, forming relationships and constantly striving to live that mission, the values below have proven to be what we live by, what drives our decisions and what we follow to move us always in the direction of improving lives.


Trusting your vision to someone is a big step. Taking a set of plans, vetting, and organizing a team of subcontractors, design and engineering professionals and managing this diverse group is a challenge. Understanding jurisdictions, codes and permitting processes…it all must come together in a carefully orchestrated timeline to bring a project to reality. And when it is finished, to stand back and say “we chose the right team” that is what we want to hear.


To get to that level of satisfaction, we have found that clear, consistent communication is necessary. Understanding the process, starting with your project concept all the way to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy is a journey with multiple milestones along the way. Some are within your control as the owner, many are controlled by Vantage Construction Services, some are held by a municipality and some are in the hands of Mother Nature. Keeping you updated by being proactive, accessible and responsive is a critical part of our culture.


The Vantage Construction Services team are seasoned craftsmen with more than 120 combined years of experience in remodeling, renovation, new construction, tenant improvement, build-out, historical restoration and general project management. Our office and field teams work in concert to move your project from a concept on paper to the day you move in, each contributing from their varied backgrounds and knowledge of the construction management process.


Our projects have included new construction and renovations for community clubhouses, medical offices, retail shops, city municipalities, fire stations, fitness centers, restaurants, churches, salons, financial institutions, charitable organizations, and schools. We have completed projects from 1000 SF to 15,000 SF within the Southwest Florida market.


As William A. Foster said, “Quality is never an accident: it represents the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” There are myriad decisions required each day, and only with the unified purpose of adhering to a philosophy of quality as the basis for each of those decisions will a project be truly successful. And, it is the only way that Vantage Construction Services can fulfill its mission of improving the lives of all concerned.

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