Commercial General Contracting

  • Pre-Construction Consulting
  • Design-Build
  • New Construction
  • Renovation/Remodel
  • Tenant Improvement


It is all about communication and attention to the details! Creating and maintaining a collaborative construction project environment requires transparency, developed with consistent communication, while working closely with the client, vendors, and subcontractors. The following outline provides a map of how we implement and execute every phase, from concept through completion.


VCS works closely with the design team—architects, various engineers, including mechanical, electrical, structural, civil and any other design consultants that may be part of the project providing the following support:


Design & Constructability Analysis
During this process, the project team is consistently in communication with the design team regarding items such as the design development progress drawings enabling VCS to provide feedback and support to the actual constructability of the structures and systems. This reduces gaps in the scope of work on a micro and macro level.
During the design and constructability review process, VCS engages subcontractor and vendor support in creation of the project’s budget at an early stage. Transparency with the budget numbers, as they pertain to their specific scope of work, is clearly communicated.
A project schedule is drafted for review with the project team identifying deadlines, milestones, owner specific criteria, etc., creating a critical path schedule that includes pre-and post-construction activities. Accuracy and execution of the identified tasks is essential to a project’s success.
Value Engineering
As soon as the budgeting phase starts, so does value engineering (VE). It is key to start VE as early as possible. Working with the project team, VCS strives to find solutions that are cost effective without reducing quality and performance.
Contract Document Development
VCS begins document creation and control during the pre-construction phase. In addition to the above referenced documents, items such as contracts, RFI’s, submittal logs, safety program, etc., are developed and streamlined with the project team for effective document controls.


Another advantage is the project team’s engagement and effective execution of the pre-construction phase which enables us to hit the ground running with 100% construction documents finalized during the preconstruction phase.

Construction Phase

Safety is our #1 concern. The safety program is managed through mandatory safety meetings with all trades. Armed with various safety knowledge, including adherence to local and national safety policies such as OSHA, VCS strictly enforces this plan 24/7.
Cost Control
Maintaining the budget is achieved by producing clear and effective subcontracts through detailed scopes of work for all trades.
Schedule Control
During construction, the project schedule is maintained by all VCS team managers. A tool we use on a micro level is the 2-Week Look Ahead that is administered on a weekly basis to all project team members and trades. This simple step has a proven track record, keeping the critical path maintained and is an excellent source of communication with all involved.
Project Management
Effective project management is directly related to effective communication. This is achieved by progress meetings with the project team and trades reviewing schedule, budget, items to resolve, and all other project specific criteria.


Effective project closeout is accomplished by tailoring our system to a project’s specific requirements. Closeout procedures start during the pre-construction phase, continues with document preparation during the construction phase and final population during the project’s completion.

Construction Phase

Project Punch
Punching the project out will begin during the middle to latter stages of construction. We feel that it is imperative to Punch as You Go, reducing and or eliminating the final punch list walk with the project team members.
The proper management of the inspections required during the project is critical to meet project milestones. VCS project team streamlines this process by clearly identifying requirements of Local Authorities Having Jurisdictions that could impact the schedule along with implementing a proactive project specific inspection document control program for progress and final inspections.
Warranty Services
VCS would be proud to deliver your projects. As with all our clients, we establish a special relationship during the project that cultivates professionalism and friendship. You will feel that you can call on VCS with questions even after the warranty period has expired.
Closeout Documents
Closeout documentation will be provided in a method that works best for you. This would include operation and maintenance manuals, owner training on the various building systems and as-built construction drawings.